Digital Labels

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If you want to make a lasting impression without spending a lot of money, consider digital for short printing runs.

What is digital label printing?

We use a 4-color process digital press to print near photographic quality labels. Because it is a digital process, there are no plates or dies. This allows you to print a variety of unique labels, including barcodes, 2D barcodes, parking decals, or product labels with date and lot coding. You can also choose from a variety of materials. If you print multiple copies of a label with variable data, digital printing works great because it can print the variables on a static, 4-color process label.

Are digital labels right for me?

Consider using digital labels when you:
  • Are printing short runs of material
  • Need to print multiple copies of labels with variable information
  • Want to save money
  • Require fast turnaround times
  • Have an unusually shaped label
  • Need to print opaque white

Get an instant, online quote.

We've created an online form that when completed will provide you with an instant estimate. But before you fill out the form, know the following information:
    • Label size
To determine a label's size:
      • Measure the width of the label from left to right as it is coming off the roll.
      • Measure from top to bottom to identify the length.
    • Material
Material consists of the facestock, adhesive, and liner. To select the material and adhesive, you must first determine how you are going to use the label. If you are unsure about the correct material to use, we can offer advice and send you a free material sample.
    • Printing
To provide an accurate quote, we need to know:
      • How many colors you want to print
      • Whether we need to match any PMS colors
      • If your label will have variable data (if it does, we will need your database)
      • Whether you need a varnish or an overlaminate applied to the label
      • If you have artwork for the label (and if you do, we’d like to see it so we can provide an accurate estimate)
    • Quantity
If you have multiple versions of the same label, we need to know the quantity for each version.
    • Application
Are you applying labels by hand or machine? If you are automatically applying them by machine, we need to know the unwind position, which is how labels need to be oriented when coming off the roll. Click here to learn more about unwind positions.
    • Perforation
You can perf labels for easier tearing; however, if you are applying labels by machine, we do not recommend perforating them between labels. You can perforate the face of the label, which doesn't penetrate the liner. For face perfs we need to know whether the perf will be vertical or horizontal.
    • Finishing
Do you want your labels on a roll, sheeted, or fanfolded? What core size do you require for labels on a roll?
    • Special Considerations
Will your label be pinfed? Do you require notches or blowholes? To provide you with an accurate estimate, we need to know about any special requirements like these. When you've gathered the information above, complete the online form for an instant quote. If desired, you can then place your order online. If you prefer to visit with a label expert before placing an order, give us a call.