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Savant ADC

Designed for small to mid-sized warehouses, Savant ADC is a scaled down version of our WMS that maintains a rich feature set. Savant ADC provides basic, core functionality such as receiving, putaway, inventory counts, inventory moves, picking and shipping. Plus it integrates into many of Savant’s other modules and has a low cost growth path into our WMS solution.


Savant WMS

The Savant WMS provides a total, comprehensive solution for your warehouse environment. Designed for mid-tier and enterprise companies, it supports the latest automation in warehouse and supply chain management.


Savant GroSavvy

Savant GroSavvy provides food processors with a solution that combines grower and raw material tracking to Savant’s WMS. The application is design to target food processors who deal directly with farmers. GroSavvy improves processing efficiency and reduces costs.


Savant Additional Modules

Savant incorporates into its solutions a modular design. This enables you to purchase only those modules necessary to meet your budget and operational goals. Savant modules include Container Tracking, QA, Packing/Box Build and Shipping Manifest.