Mobile App Development

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Sometimes your mobile data collection software doesn't perform the way you'd like. Or perhaps you haven't yet automated your daily systems.

Regardless of your situation, you now have an easy way to accomplish your operational goals using mobile application development software that:
  • Tracks everything from IT equipment to furniture
  • Keeps track of inventory using barcode and RFID scanning
  • Makes sure items being inspected are up to code
  • Tracks event attendees
  • Automates data capture in the field
  • Scans your own packages
  • Enhances customers' experience in a retail store
Mobile application development isn't new. Developers have been creating specialty programs since the day cellular phones debuted. But easily developing a mobile data collection application is now a necessity with the onslaught of mobile devices in the workplace. From enterprise tablets and hybrid mobile computers to handheld barcode scanners, companies in all industries need unique solutions—and they need them quickly to remain competitive.

Benefits of custom mobile apps

To meet the needs of its customers' mobile workforces, Data Collection Specialties, Inc. partnered with Portable Technology Solutions and their TracerPlus mobiledata collection software so you can:
  • Minimize costly errors by automating the data collection process
  • Eliminate duplicate records due to double entry or data recording
  • Save time by scanning barcodes instead of manually entering data
  • Update information in real time when details are fresh
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems
Best of all—you don't need a programmer to create your mobile app. Anyone can create a fully functioning mobile application in minutes using the free TracerPlus Desktop software that also allows you to deploy these customized applications to smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners, and RFID terminals running Windows Mobile, CE, or Android. You can also upload information to any database or software system in real time or wait until later when it's more convenient.

Contact us to download the free software or learn more.

If you're interested in trying TracerPlus, you can download its free Desktop software from Data Collection Specialties, Inc.. Simply call us and we'll guide you through that process. We can also help you develop your custom mobile applications. With 30 years' experience, we know how to create barcode systems that fit perfectly with customers' needs. And if we don't have a prepackaged solution that works for you, we can always customize one. A personal advisor is on hand to consult with you.